Wine tasting

" You do not only drink wine -
You inhale it,
look at it,
try it,
swallow it
and then you talk about it!"

Photo 2 der Weinprobe.

King Edward the II of England was right - it's an art to try wines the right way. But one shouldn't take the rules too seriously, because after all a wine-tasting should be fun!

You would like to experience a really special wine-tasting of fine Häfner - wines with your frinds, relatives or collegues?

We do culinary wine-tastings for 15 to 80 people in our stylish rooms. Depending on the size of your group you can enjoy your tasting in our cosy wine-shop, in our cave-cellar by candlelight, in the rooms of our little summerrestaurant or in our huge, modern production hall.

The winemaker himself presents his wines, talks about the vineyards, the production and winemaking and about the wine itself. He tells his secrets and creates a fun atmosphere my quoting poems and telling stories. You decide which wines should be tasted and what kind of food you would like to enjoy with it. Each tasting is individually adapted to the group of guests. We do tastings in English and French as well.

For dates and ideas please contact us.