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Wolfgang Häfner

Photo von Wolfgang Häfner

As individual as his wines, Wolfgang Häfner, our senior vintner, is unique. He grew up with agriculture and vineyards in the little village Weinstadt-Schnait. He proudly continues the long winemaking tradition of his family, but loves to combine tradition and modernity in all areas. Actually being an agricultural-Ingenieur, he founded the independent Wine-estate "Weingut W. Häfner" in 1995, growing vines on 3,6 ha.His favourite variety is Riesling. Riesling is a splashy, dry white variety, which is traditionally grown in selected vineyards of the Rems-valley.It is very important for the winemaker to produce high quality in small quantities. Each wine shall be able to develop the unique aromas and stucture of it's vineyard and the terroir, without being influenced or changed by mankind.

For Wolfgang Häfner, a good wine is like a poem: It comes from the heart and keeps reality and phantasy alive. It has a beautiful structure and ends in a long-lasting peak. Customers and friends love the poems; the winemaker writes and recites on occasions like the yearly "Weintage" (wine-days) or wine-hikes.Those poems are sometimes funny, sometimes thoughtful, but always reflect his personality and current topics.